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Reinstatement works are usually part of the tenancy agreement signed between the tenant and landlord. This is especially common ( and strictly enforced) for office and retail space belonging to REITS and major developers in Singapore. However, reinstatement works are sometimes missed out during companies budgeting. This is especially so for tenant renting for the first time. So then what exactly is reinstatement then? It just meant the reverse of renovation. Tenant is to return the unit in whatever condition the landlord hands over to you. Unless agreed and documented on the handing-over form.

Why must tenant carry out reinstatement works for landlord?

Since landlord hands over a ‘clean’ unit when tenant signs the lease, tenant will have to do the same when lease expires/ not renewed. The landlord would be able to market the returned unit as soon as tenant moves out.

Office before start reinstatement works
Office before start reinstatement works

Different landlord different reinstate requirements

Different landlords have very different requirements and company policy. Compare the standard operating procedure and fitting out manual of a multi-building owner like Capitaland vs a strata title owner.

Different landlords set very different guidelines for accepting a reinstated unit. We found that using different approach for different owners yield the best result. It is not true that certain type of landlords are more accommodating than the other.

Having a good understanding of the landlord’s requirements even before requesting for quotations will place your transition in safe hands. Allowing your appointed contractor to build a good rapport with the managing agent executive will be advantageous during handover.

lady signing an reinstatement contract
Photo of a lady signing an reinstatement contract on table in office

Getting quotations for reinstatement

For big organisation, getting quotations for reinstatement works usually falls to admin or HR department. Though its relatively straight forward — as compared to a total fit out/ renovation works, there are many pitfalls that one can avoid. Its understandable frustrating with many contrasting opinions from reinstatement contractors. The staff been ‘arrowed’ this side project had additional work load, on top of his/ her existing duties.

Things to prepare before requesting for reinstatement quotations

Before requesting quotes for reinstatement works, tenants should be aware of what needs to reinstate — according to the handing over form when they first signed with landlord while taking over the premise. Thus, always search for it. Below are some of the common hurdles that we observed of our clients ;

  1. Change of Management Agent (MA) ( including MCST, building owner, building representative agent etc) – thus form is lost
  2. Change of staff (either in MA or tenant ) – information is lost or not passed down
  3. Tenant lose the handing over form
  4. Incomplete remarks on handing over form that is difficult to understand

As can be seen above, most item can be resolved. It is only the process that you need to get it right.

  1. Arrange a meetup with the MA representative. Request the handing over form that they have in their record when your company first signed the lease.
  2. Ensure the MA representative that you are meeting is the decision maker for taking over the unit from you. Not the regular technician that you see around the building, not the leasing staff that you view the unit. Usually its the operations team, but it defers from companies.
  3. Follow up with an email on the items discussed ( negotiated ) and make sure you get a confirmation reply.
  4. Depending on the MA representative and the extend of your reinstatement works, getting an “As built” drawing will be very beneficial to your contractors. You will know exactly if any walls needs to be erected or demolish.
  5. Armed with the necessary reinstatement knowledge for your unit, you are now ready to request for quotes from reinstatement pros.
  6. Do remember to inform your utilities & internet providers for your account closing/ transfer.

An office undergoing reinstatement works
Reinstating an office in Springleaf tower by experienced professional with proper house keeping

5 things to do when requesting quotes from reinstatement contractors

Now that you are armed with the knowledge for reinstating your unit, you are now ready to impress your reinstatement contractors. Make sure you shortlist competent contractors for reinstatement works. Although it is relative easy to dismantle and dispose your existing fixtures, reinstating the unit back to its original condition will require frequent communication with the landlord. Below are some suggestions to brief your prospective contractors ;

  1. It is your unit, be sure you knows what needs to be done. Then lists all the items out to the contractors. Thereafter ask for their opinions.
  2. If your unit is relative large, ensure you have the drawing for them to refer to. Brief them on the walls to remove or to be erect.
  3. To get quality and competitive quotes, do ensure all contractors are given the same instructions to quote for. Let them know their expected completion date and your handing over date to landlord. Do buffer 3-5 days for touch ups.
  4. Its recommended to get a different contractor for your new place and your existing unit to be reinstate. As they are on usually back to back, chances are they would not have time or manpower to complete the reinstatement works smoothly.
  5. Finally gather feed backs or questions from your contractors and revert to your MA to have them answered.

It seems quite a lot of work for your part time project. Worse still if you were to handle the new premises renovation , the moving process and the reinstatement project. For busy executives, we came out with a shortcut method of getting a reinstatement quote, skipping most of the steps above. You could contact us directly to advice and handle your reinstatement works, so that you can concentrate on your main job description.

Stress out executive
Feeling overwhelmed by office work