How long does home renovation take?

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As a home renovators, we often get asked a lot ; ” How long will the whole renovation process take? ” Of course, different types of renovations and size of apartment plays a big part in completion. Peak period plays a huge part as well. If possible, try to avoid year end period for your renovation.

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Everyone has their own concerns. Listed below are some of the common concerns that we frequently heard of. Hope that these would be of some use to customers whom are planning for their home refurbishment.

When to move out from my old property

If renovation of new house is not complete, clients will not have a place to stay. Try to buffer for 30 days from the date of expected completion. This way, you and your movers can have some leeway and not create unnecessary stress for the whole family.

Financial budgeting

Funds from sale of old property or other source may not be as quick as you hope for. Thus its important to set aside an budget for renovation. Or you can consider taking up a renovation loan which we see is a rising trend among home owners. The interest rates are very competitive between the banks. Just remember not to take a personal loan for your renovation as interest for personal loans are much higher.


Many young Chinese couples may hold off their traditional wedding only after they got their flat. Do try to allow 30 days buffer from the date of completion as promised by your renovator. Bearing in mind that you have a lot of preparation works before your traditional wedding while still working on your day job.

Finally, the above points are some of the common concerns that we came across. Please do email us if you have any others that like to share with readers.

How long does it takes to renovate a new BTO flat/ condo?

Assume you are spending $20,000 for your renovation bills ( excluding the furnishing ), it generally takes 3 weeks to complete the renovation.

How long does it takes to renovate a resale HDB/ condo?

More works are to be done on a resale unit. Quite often, customers would be changing the sanitary fittings as well as doing up the master bath room. So assume a $40k bill, one could the renovation duration to be 30 – 40 days.

A whole unit demolition ( which is actually more straight forward ) would usually takes 50 – 60 days. As customer, you would less likely to “regret” not doing certain works.